Our Programs

Pre-Mont (Toddlers and Playgroup)

Age: 2 yr - 3 yr

As your little whiz enters Pre-Mont, she loves attending school because of the fun-infused interactive learning environment. We give strong emphasis on your child's experience in school. The two to three-year-olds indulge in activities that enhance language, motor and cognitive skills as well as socio-emotional development. The combination of play-way and Montessori techniques help prepare your child to step into the primary school.

Mont – I (Nursery)

Age: 3 yr - 4 yr

In continuation with early learning experience at the playgroup, children of this age group are able to work with complex exercises. Activities are mainly hands-on- and set the basis for further development of abstract concepts. Word building exercises, pre -writing skills, mathematical concepts and subjects like Botany, Zoology, History and Geography are introduced at this stage. The learning experience will provide the child with the necessary tools to ensure a comfortable transition into our kindergarten programme.

Mont – II (K.G)

Age: 4 yr - 5 yr

Children are prepared for even more complex exercises in a disciplined manner. They are encouraged to learn both through structured activities and independently via exploration, discovery and manipulation. They are also involved in early science and cultural activities which introduce the child to the natural environment. Apart from skills and knowledge children at this stage cultivate sound morals, strength of character, healthy habits, team spirit and an aesthetic appreciation for the world around them .By the end of this programme the child is ready to move to a formal school.